Welcome to the Javaland discussion panel

A special disuccion panel will be held during the JDD conference. Our invited guests: Jacek Laskowski, Grzesiek Duda, Andrzej Grzesik, Anna Kołodziejczyk and Andrzej Targosz will be talking about the history of conferences and community evolution in Poland. They will talk on how did it come that first events were organized, how the new ideas were growing and what is the future of Java meeting in our country.

We will answer the questions on why is it so important to organize technical conferences, what happened that without a backup of one strong company, we have noticed a dynamic growth in the java community and why multiple events on those topics make sense. Together we will think on how to increase the number of foreign attendees on following conferences and what differs our events on the Europen map.

Direct link to a Google Moderator, where you can submit questions and talk suggestions for the panel is here.