JDD Team Competition

Title: JDD Team Competition

During JDD 2011 a special team challenge tournament will take place.

The task is simple:

Just before the conference each team will receive a programming task to perform. They will have to prepare an application that meets a specific, preset functionality.

Until the middle of the second day of the conference a competing team has to deliver a working application and present it to the public during a 5 min. speech. After seeing the results of the work of all teams the audience will choose which of the applications they liked the most.

The best team will receive free entries to JDD12, 5 cameras and “JDD Team Competition Winner” commemorative plates. Teams that enter the tournament can be either teams representing a certain company, a group of friends or even a team created ad-hoc at the conference.

What counts is efficiency, functionality and abilities to present the product to the public.


  1. Tasks will be prepared by the Conference Committee.
  2. Teams can be registered by sending an e-mail to Slawomir Jabs (please give details of persons, the team name and optionally your company).
  3. A team can consist of up to 5 people.
  4. If > 75% of the team members are from one company, the team can represent the company at the contest.
  5. Teams that register before the 15th of November will receive the tasks one day before the conference begins
  6. Teams who register after 15th November (or directly to the conference) will be given their tasks on the day conference.
  7. Conference Committee has a right to determine the lower and upper limit on teams.
  8. Teams have to submit a working application before 14:00 on the second day of the conference to the member of Confidence Program Committee.
  9. 5 minute presentation in the plenary session will take place at 16:30 on the second day of the conference.
  10. Audience will choose the best team in a voting.
  11. All team members have to be participants of the conference.
  12. Web applications must be run on a server accessible in the network at the conference.
  13. Applications are supposed to be prepared during the conference. There are no restrictions on chosen frameworks and languages.
  14. Tasks will be subjectively prepared so that their execution time does not interfere with participation in the conference.
  15. All disputes will be settled by the Organizer.

JDD Team Competition is a great idea to show either show your company and a great fast-paced challenge in designing software for a group of friends. Welcome!

Additional suggestions, comments and questions, please contact organizers.

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